Six steps to improve support in bereavement

Three major organizations who work on the issue of bereavement have come together and identified six crucial steps to address bereavement as a major public policy issue.

The National Bereavement Alliance has a vision that all people have awareness of and access to support and services throughout their bereavement experience. Working with the National Council for Palliative Care and the Dying Matters Coalition, its members have now published these six steps in an easy to read document. To download a copy, go to:

The well referenced 12 page document is a combination of personal experiences/case studies, many statistics and the steps that could be taken to make bereavement a less isolating, difficult experience. Alison Penny, Project Coordinator for the National Bereavement Alliance and Coordinator of the Childhood Bereavement Network has yet again researched and written a paper that says a lot in simple words. She did this with support from National Bereavement Alliance members, Simon Chapman, Director of Policy and Parliamentary Affairs and Joe Levenson, Director of Communications, NCPC and Dying Matters

It's well worth reading and sharing with others.



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