Infant and child death awareness month

I was drawn to an article about infant and child awareness month. A quote announced that there was a long tradition of October and November being a time when different faith and culture groups remember their dead. The article only mentioned three such days:

  • All-Saints Day (Christian)
  • Day of the Little Angels (Día de los Angelitos) and Day of the Dead (Dios de los Muertos)
  • Jizo Remembrance Ceremonies (Zen)

As I work in a bereavement service, I'm wondering about other annual death rituals and would welcome hearing about them. If you know of an annual festival or ritual or celebration to remember those who have died, please do let me know.

By the way, I discovered the Awareness month was last month, October, and it was in the United States. But the article by Rev. Sue Wintz, an American board certified health care chaplain, is still worth a read. It's basic but informative about the implications for those who know and care for bereaved parents.

Read the article. 


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