Will.I.Am on TV’s ‘The Voice’ openly expressed grief

I've only just watched the last of the blind auditions on The Voice (episode 7, I think) last night. So, I'm rather delayed in commenting on Will.I.Am's very public expression of grief.

Will.I.Am, one of The Voice judges, was moved to tears when he heard Liz Oki sing George Michael's A Different Corner as it reminded him of his aunt Stephanie. He told the audience that "She'd died on Easter and my grandma passed away on Thanksgiving." Added to this, Liz Oki was grieving for the woman she considered her mother, who had died only a couple weeks prior to Liz performing on The Voice.

It's too common for grieving adults to avoid crying in front of children "because I don't want to upset them". I've had many say so to me.

Yet, children learn how to express feelings by observing and mimicking or copying adults and older siblings and other relatives. Children and young people need more role models who can show that it is okay to cry, especially when they are grieving. What ever your view of Will.I.Am and 'The Voice', Will.I.Am is a powerful role model for many.

I know tears make "good" television, but if I can be less cynical, I'd prefer to hope that Will.I.Am's tears weren't edited out because grief is becoming more "acceptable".

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