Celebrate British Sign Language week 2014, 16th – 23rd March

Why a BSL week?

The British Deaf Association has deemed 16th – 23rd March 2014 as Sign Language Week. In previous years they had a one day event to mark the recongition of British Sign Language as an official language — now 11 years ago — on 18th March 2003. To find out more about what's happening that week, check out the BDA listing http://www.bda.org.uk/Events

Learn 11 BSL signs

Signature, a national charity and the UK’s leading awarding body in deaf communication qualifications, is marking the 11th anniversary of British Sign Lanuage day by calling for school teachers to take fifteen minutes out of their day to teach students 11 basic BSL signs. The charity has created a short video demonstrating 11 key words and phrases and has freely distributed it to schools across the UK. You can visit Signature’s website to stream Signature’s 11 BSL phrases  http://www.signature.org.uk/eleven-signs

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